UntuitionHard to follow

Wearing Hides

Down at the fork in the road you are damned
Internalize or break law in symmetry,
Follow fate safe along these parallel scars, of past in present
Inflammation lingers longer, it will linger tightly, a reminding message
It’s predictable on you
Be the better man, girl
Retribution, it bears broken teeth
Your mother told you so, through perfect chiclets
The silence whistled from between the gaps
The good get high on pain of their own
So burn the bad seeds from the fields
Of weeds your loved and dearest plant in snow
Untie twine from little fingers
Evil is infectious, as symmetry lingers
Each time you say the last word and claim the last dance
Attention is your prison, an unresolved memory
But you have no choice to see how far you get ahead of it.