UntuitionHard to follow

Smoke and Mirrors

If our minds are comfortable and uninspired we will remain unevolved, like Southern marsupials, free of competition, inside a vacuum, too stagnant and stale to encourage change. For change is a forceful, effort-requiring utilitarian behaviour. For change is the reaction to discomfort. Few have enough intellectual discomfort to experience willpower.

We will continue to look up to the Logos – but oh! Of Mithras we have not heard in the past 2 centuries gone! He too was dishonest if he was true and amongst us. But perhaps Zoroaster was himself not even there to lend an ear to listen.

Worshippers of the sun, you too will see the dark screen of polarisation. You will create an opinion, you will take a side and you will become blind. Your sun too will one day die, long after your eyes have disintegrated into the dust.

Ahura Mazda, you are an ideal. You will never exist. But do we understand truly, all extreme ideals join full circle? Lost within a logical conundrum like the Avesta, which is only now mere Chinese whispers.

The Christians, they believed a man converted water to wine. They became drunk upon their psychosomatic poison.

This is why your minds are stale, but your livers are still young and pink like a newborn’s skin. There is no reason to have pride in virginity, or the humility of consciously facing the wall behind us, away from the naked Emperor’s parade. The cruel irony is that he himself is looking at us from his float, imaging us to be nude whilst undressed in his new clothes.