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Future Diaries: One connectome under ode
One connectome, one mind. We are the future joined by experience. We walk around, and talk and see as future predictions derived from similar neural maps, guiding us in a semi organized crowd to the factory where we tie shoes.

We have in fact become better than automatons in the third world and life is still cheap if it is predictable. The unstable 1/100 who see visions shared by nobody, with deviations poisoning their neural maps, or rebels without regard for society are notorious for illusions of grandeur and distance from the Rest of Us. They are quick blips in our eyes. They join the factory, and but do not last for they are impatient. They then go hungry and slowly die out, withering away like their narcissistic ideas. The people who can not see the forest from the trees.

Life in the lab was easy for us as kids. We lined up in a row to brush our teeth the same way, we helped design the first Model Lifestyle. We lacked malaise in the body through disciplined living and our thought trains always ran on time to their designated stops like clockwork. Dear reader, you might exclaim this is mental eugenics! But oh no, it is not subtraction of minds – it is refinement in their development.

We know why we must do the things we do. At the Lab they not only taught us about these places, but taught us about every pebble along the bridge on the way from one to the other – and it made perfect sense. What begun as an experiment to create the perfect soldier ironically resulted in the Model Lifestyle of which a task force for war can take no part. We needed to know everything there was to know. We could not disagree with anyone, in our world of purposeful isolation. No artificial drugs or unpredictable effects conflicting from the inside out. The behaviourists won with flying colours: the answer came from the outside in.

Imagine the comfort of a designer ergonomic chair – now imagine that comfort and peace as a constant, in your mind. A comfortable mind!
A democracy like no other, a state of perpetual peace. We were all genuinely equal. Where it mattered we were all the same. We all tied shoes with logical precision and nobody was better than the other. Every person needs a job and our job is tying shoes. It is a necessary job like the jobs of scientists. When I say everything gets explained, I missed one thing. The Academics, whilst not opposing the Model Lifestyle chose not to partake – I do not understand what they mean when my teacher said “To observe the rational, you must be irrational yourself. It is my job to not know what my job is.

I am sure it’s something very meaningful.

Upon the registration of a volunteer pregnancy a woman will live in The Lab. A lifetime of inefficient design and blind carving of the old marble block can be spared by choosing your Model Lifestyle early on on life, a bit like the Finishing Schools of old. Though really best described as a Starting School for the Lifestyle your parents can afford to specialize you in. What my parents could afford was shoe tying for which I am grateful. Tying shoes is an art form – mechanical precision.

Although on an individual level, it isn’t always easy to live with your Model Lifestyle. Memes are funny little viruses, that take you off course and create a connection glitch – we all know that too well. At least now I know why I think of cheseburgers whenever I see a domestic cat. It is the actualization of destiny, in a world of excess mental entropy ripping chaotically through organically populated minds. Overwhelming conflicting information paralyzes more than liberates – it makes you wonder: What is freedom, after all?