UntuitionHard to follow

From the day the bigger banshee screeched

Dare not become
Dare not embody
The monstrous moon howler
Author of tales
That Freud foretold

Traumatic smells
Mind numbed and ego torn
I’ll keep my red riding hood on

Did all a girl could do
Wearing someone else’s skin
Laced in, needle-heeled
Stitched shut.
Like a perfect fucking wound

Mother dearest
Eats runt who’s weakest
It’s a war
Where no-one wins

Little, but my claws are thicker
My teeth are sharpened
I tore her apart and chewed the meat
Assimilated back my soul
It’s still a moral crime

And I have learnt
How pain is
A currency in this new economy
I’ve done my time

She who spins the paddle
Can play covers in the saddle
Of those terrible old songs

For the pathetic, sitting quiet
I’ll be the villain, come full circle

Make you close your eyes
Shut your mouth
Lie limp
Forced down

Is this what you wanted?
Is this what you wanted now?
It’s a small improvement
Perhaps a positive corruption
Of my rotten core, at least I ask

It’s all I know, it’s when I can feel
But something has to stop this loop
’cause I still colour in the lines

Because when your voice is muffled
I’ll leave you at Nirvana
And cab it back to hell so I can sleep.