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Future Diaries: Esrever

I dashed quickly out of her greasy hands, past the bodyguard onto the street, zipping my jeans back up under the floodlamp behind my head, unsatisfied. The rain, backlit begun vacuuming back its own tears in reverse as underneath my feet, the water was gluttonously purged out by the storm drain.

Innocence was gained. Time ran faster backwards – as I scrammed like an insect trying to save myself, I was rapidly forgetting who that was. Declining memory, gaining identity, chasing after a homeless man on the platform as he stared at me and laughed, smirking and then left.

The train timetable went blank as the sole purpose to my existence became protectionist survival, the pull of the desire to go back home, its purpose more and more paradoxical by the second. My answers turned into questions, but were followed by defragmentation and resolution. The horizon fell into a murky puddle, but eventually my eyes became simple enough to see everything in the universe: it was binary light and shadow.