UntuitionHard to follow

Cream and Milk

With wells for eyes
And skin that’s silk
We homogenize together like cream and milk
Running my fingers through blond hairs in the morning
Translucent in the sunlight, soft to the touch
If I was an explorer, I have been sent to launch
If I was an alien I have touched down my craft
On somewhere new, I’ll raise mast
In a land not far away

Across a body of water to the cool North
The texture of a face
Under my fingers can morph
Before one speaks out loud
Or before we wake up
I take it not for granted
To be swimming in spaces
Climbing the mounts, contorting in small places
Snow white hands against the ebony headboard
Waved hair against soft sheets
Desire was instant to say that I wanted to see more

From the night we slipped in darkness
Through a creak of the door
Not a second had passed without my eyes over those tresses
From the moment we wake, hours pass ’til we get dressed
A voice so elegant and soft like a nymph’s
Cures even the most chronic of sicknesses
A pair of slim hands hands fragile and slender
I have no idea how we go through these benders


As I catch up on sleep the next day
Lying in my bed, looking at the ebony headboard again
For a split second close eyed
I imagine
Between these two places, there’s no geographical margin
Until I discover the facts
The numbers and letters dictating topographical maps
Not fictions and factions running free on dream estates
Or the sounds in the morning another pleasantly makes
With a pert body flirting at twenties
And a mind tuned for centuries
Ruffling in sheets, never sure what to make of this


I am running in circles again
I am still chasing tails, one being my own
Reaping rewards of things that I thought
I had sown
Before I thought I knew love
I was at best a simulated romancer
Past ghosts of partners, muses, artists and dancers
These chemical changes get the better of one
Doing silly things because we aren’t swans
The one thought alone
Those frosted masks that we wear
At nights we insist on them, even in darkness
Leaving us with secrets best left unshared
Stuck in silent thoughts and hormonal surging
Fusing and combining with heat, a cool metallurgy

For thought trains change their path
When the air is a breeze of uncertainty
I wonder often why that’s the case that be
My mind changes with the ways of the wind
In the direction I’ve headed, the state I am in
But in this four walled room, the thought it is safe
From influence of logic as the air sits still
In a semi dream state

At 3am
Sitting at this desk, eyes too ample
Lighting Dank with aromatized candles
What a cover-up for the fumes of this reality
An escape from censored thoughts
Into creative austerity

Throwing confetti of clothing on the ground
As I am back into a flat not of my own again
Dressed in blue like a bower bird
Carrying a book wrapped, smiling coy and absurd
Under shirt sleeves, I touch a pair of warm shoulders
After a look at these eyes, my chest starts to smoulder

I’ve never cared for competitive myths
I am after no prize for the genes that I’ve picked
When you come from another planet
All of these pictures are merged like an image rasterized
Taken at face value, but still mezmerised
Uncomfortable with a guard down, no tooth,
Nails cut low and disarmed

I try to work it out through your Venusian charms
Never knew what love is and think I am still undereducated
Never thought in matters of abstraction
Physicality and thoughts were once just related
Sitting still

Shifting positions
Putting my book down, to start a new mission
Based on first impression of Anima’s repression that be
I open the window to let a Northern breeze in